Mental Health Consultations for Pre-school Students (AB 2698) 

Enables children in the California State Preschool Program (CSPP), infants and toddlers in general child care and development programs, and children 0 to 5 years of age served in family child care home networks to benefit from early childhood mental health consultation. The bill will authorize providers to utilize subsidized childcare funds to provide these valuable services which can improve outcomes for children and help prevent expulsions.

Resource Family Plan for Foster Youth (AB 507) 

Elevates the importance of training while supporting resource families in a dynamic way. The goal is to empower resource families in the foster care system by redirecting current training requirements to most effectively benefit foster youth outcomes.

Prohibiting Preschool Expulsions (AB 752) 

Adds a provision to the Education Code to create a process for addressing serious and challenging behavior exhibited by children enrolled in a California State Preschool Program.  The goal is to establish a process modeled after the US Department of Health and Human Services’ guidelines to prevent children from being unnecessarily expelled or unenrolled.

Student Support Services: Dream Resource Liaisons (AB 2477)

Will require high schools, community colleges and universities to have a dedicated person on campus to provide undocumented students with adequate support and resources needed to navigate the education system.

Child Abuse or Neglect: Foster Children (AB 2323)

Will require the state to complete investigations of abuse or neglect of foster children within 30 days of an allegation being made.

Newborns and Infants: Hearing Screening (AB 612)

Strengthens state reporting requirements for newborns and infants tested for hearing loss and would require general acute care hospitals to maintain a newborn and infant data management system.

Foster Care: Resource Family (AB 2183)

Creates an immediate source of funding for resource families who take in a child on an emergency basis.