Spousal Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence (AB 929) 

Amends Family Code Section 4320 to indicate that a presumption against awarding spousal support to an abuser should arise in numerous situations outside of just a conviction of Domestic Violence. These situations include when an abuser is found to have committed domestic violence in a Domestic Violence Restraining Order proceeding, when an abuser is found to have committed domestic violence in a divorce, annulment, or legal separation proceeding and when an abuser is found to have committed domestic violence in a juvenile court dependency proceeding, pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 300.

Temporary Emergency Gun Violence Restraining Orders (AB 2526) 

Bolsters public safety by ensuring time-sensitive restraining orders are issued efficiently and effectively when there is immediate and present danger to the public, as well as families and their loved ones. The bill clarifies procedures for law enforcement and the courts to follow when issuing emergency temporary gun violence restraining orders.

Temporary Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (AB 2694)

In light of the heightened danger abuse victims face when attempting to separate from abusive partners, this bill would no longer allow counties to require domestic violence victims applying for a Temporary Restraining Order to notify the alleged perpetrator in advance. The bill also permits the court to allow an alternative method of service if at the time of the TRO hearing the court determines that, after diligent effort, a petitioner has been unable to accomplish personal service.

Firearm Prohibition for Domestic Violence Abusers (AB 3129) 

AB 3129 will better protect victims of domestic violence by imposing a lifetime firearm prohibition on offenders under California law, thereby enabling better enforcement of the federal ban. Additionally, a state lifetime prohibition would protect California from any weakening of the feder-al firearm prohibition.

Criminal Procedure: 

Protective Orders (AB 1281)

Strengthens the use of protective orders helping to protect survivors of domestic violence from their abusers.

CalWORKs: Housing for Survivors of Abuse (AB 557)

Amends the Welfare and Institutions Code to increase support and options for domestic violence survivors who are trying to escape a violent environment by providing temporary housing assistance to applicants of CalWORKs. Chaptered by Secretary of State Chapter 691, Statutes of 2017

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Denim Day in California (ACR 67)

Designates the month of April 2019 as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and recognizes April 24, 2019, as Denim Day in California.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (ACR 164)

This resolution designates February 2020 as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, and encourages all Californians to observe Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month with programs and activities that promote healthy teen relationships and raise awareness about teen dating violence in their communities.

Alternative Domestic Violence Program (AB 479)

This bill extends the sunset date of an existing six-county pilot program that provides an alternative program for individuals convicted of domestic violence.